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Munk’s studios is working closely with Anglian Water and Edg-VR to produce VR training to be delivered to every corner of the organisation. Using a network of Oculus Go devices and a Laptop, the software delivers safety training to large scales, with up to 20 people per network. Using this model of facilitator led VR workshops Anglian water will be able to deliver effective training to 100’s of people a day.


Client - Edg-VR
Studio - Munk Studios
Development - BVG software group



The content ranges from 360 observational tasks, quiz’s, interactive games and immersive educational videos and covers a wide range of subjects such as Safe digging, Fire safety, Working at heights, Fleet, Leakage and NRSWA training. Each workshop has a variety of modules keeping the users engaged and excited about training. When delivering content to such high numbers of people, the data gathering and scoring platforms can feed back data to an online portal which allows Anglian Water to use data analytics to asses which areas they need to invest in more intensive and effective training.