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Birds Eye


Birds Eye



The creative team at ITN approached Munk to produce a series of animations to sponsor the Simpsons on Channel 4, airing in conjunction with its ‘Boy with the Tail' TV commercial. We pursued a Disney-style illustrated and animated route to complement both the TV campaign and the programme being sponsored.


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Client - Birds Eye
Agency - ITN Productions
Producer - Richard Gay
Animation Studio - Munk Studios
Creative Direction - Pryce Duncalf
Character design - George Crosbie
Previs - Storyboard London
Illustration - David Puerta Altes, Berta Sastre Forrellad, Tory Polska
Sound design - Jez Spencer @ Hyperion Sound
Music - Greg Lasterapes @ Finger Music


Concept Art

We developed many different approaches to the character designs to find the right style for the animation. The design of the characters would set the style for the animation there on, so we were sure to get this locked down at an early stage.


Background art

The backgrounds for these animations were incredible fun to create. We had a great team of illustrators on board and the artwork went through many hands before they reached the final look.