Munk Studios






Munk Studios worked with Sting Media to create a pair of infographic films for internal use at Canon.

Current experience (now past)

The first of the two films described issues that potentially could be faced by Canon customers in two different business scenarios. Engaging illustrations brought to life by witty, flowing animation made for an entertaining corporate film.


Watch 'Canon Current Experience' below


Client - COPD Foundation
Agency - Make Believe
Character Studio - Munk Studios
Animation and VFX - Chris Keys & Pryce Duncalf
Mocap Director - Pryce Duncalf, Chris Keys
Mocap producer - Basia Kroll
Grandpa - Jerzy Studziński
Son - Hubert Wiatrowski
Mocap studio -


Future Experience (Now Present)

The second film explained all the new tools and functionalities that Canon introduced to meet the demands outlined in the first film, in similarly engaging style.


Watch 'Canon Future Experience' below