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COPD Foundation



Munk was approached by creative agency Make Believe to produce character work on a pair of animated films raising awareness about heart disease. Both films had different stories to tell based on different characters’ points of view, and, as they featured no dialogue or voice-over, the subtlety and range of the characters’ expressions was key to achieving emotional engagement.


Dogs Life

The first story was told from the perspective of a dog whose owner falls ill and becomes unable to take him for a walk. The affectionate canine companion ends up supporting his owner on his journey back to health.


Watch 'Dogs Life' below


Client - COPD Foundation
Agency - Make Believe
Character Studio - Munk Studios
Animation and VFX - Chris Keys & Pryce Duncalf
Mocap Director - Pryce Duncalf & Chris Keys
Mocap Producer - Basia Kroll
Grandpa - Jerzy Studziński
Son - Hubert Wiatrowski
Mocap studio -


Childs Eye

The second story was from a boys perspective, who missed his grandpa in his absence.  For this route we decided to use motion capture to give the characters realistic movement and more human emotion.


Watch 'Childs Eye' below