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Education group, the global leaders in school workshops worked with Munk studios to develop and build a virtual reality platform to deliver shared VR experiences to classes of children.  The product is Edg VR, a robust VR workshop platform with 35 mobile devices connected to a controlling tablet via a wifi connection.  The tablet feeds content to the headsets allowing the class to view the same videos, animations, games and interactive content simultaneously.  Edg VR is at the forefront of the virtual reality movement, used by over 100,000 children in the last year and is currently being used in schools worldwide.  This is currently the most effective learning VR tool in the educational sector.  To find out more visit 


Client - Edg-VR
Studio - Munk Studios
Development - BVG software group



We believe VR is one of the most powerful tools currently in the educational sector.  When the pupils put on the headsets, they become fully engaged.  Our responsibility is to guarantee that this opportunity is not wasted by ensuring that the content we create serves a purpose.  This is why we build and develop content based around curricular and social subjects with specific goals in mind.  Rather than focusing on creating vast quantities of content to cover as many subjects as possible, our aim is to create high quality workshops based around specificly targeted themes.

As the technology in the field of VR is constantly developing, Munk continues to research and push the boundaries to ensure we deliver the very best in educational VR.  The application supports bespoke games, animated videos, CGI animations and interactive content.


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