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Gravity's Law


Gravity's Law



‘Gravity’s Law’ is a short film by Matt McDermott based on a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke and commissioned by Channel 4 Random Acts. McDermott taps into themes of meditation and nature as a deliberate response to the information overload of modern society. Matt was drawn to The Barbican Centre and estate because of its otherworldly quality, and achieves a sense of calm with long free-falling shots against the brutalist background.


Watch 'Gravity's Law' below


Cast - Sarah Mac & Neil Newbon
Director - Matt McDermott
Producer - Serena Fylan
VFX Supervisor - Pryce Duncalf




Cast - Sarah Mac & Neil Newbon
Narrated by - Bill Fellows
Director - Matt McDermott
Producer - Serena Fylan
1st Assistant Director - Stephen Fylan
Director of Photography - Tim Green
Focus Puller - Sam Rawlings
Phantom Technician - Stephen Price
2nd AC - Chris Starkey
Camera Trainee - Tom Green
Stunt Coordinator - Curtis Rivers
Floral Designer - Fiona Haser Bizony at Electric Daisy Flower Farm
Art Director - Chris Williams
Stylist - Aartthie Mahakuperan
Stylist Assistant - Grace Quinn

Make Up Artist - Linda Andersson
VFX Supervisor - Pryce Duncalf
Runners - Glemerson Carrilho & Oliver Jamieson
Communications Coordinator Barbican - Jessica Dare
Lead CGI & VFX - Munk Studios
Additional Post & Clean Up - Mainframe
Colourist - Matt Osborne at The Mill
Colourist Assitant - Jim Bracher
Editor - Fab Peters
Original Score & Sound Design - Aleah Morrison-Basu at Zelig Sound
Storyboard Artist - Maylin Gouldie
Picture Research - Louise Wilkinson
Treatment Copy Editor - Dan McDermott
End Titles Design & Animation - Matt McDermott



The art direction for this project became a journey in itself. In the beginning a more animated look was developed, but as the project progressed we decided on a photo real execution.  Where we originally thought the CGI would dominate the image and the shot footage would be composited, it became quite the opposite, the CGI was integrated seamlessly with the pictures.



This film used some very innovative in camera special effects including trampolines, crash-mats and leaf-blowers. Everything was shot in high-speed making it feel weightless and meditative.