Munk Studios






Lustica is a large scale building development in Montenegro and Munk was commissioned to produce an application to showcase up coming apartments and developments for point of sale. The project involves a range of towns, villages and attractions all over the Lustica peninsula. We produced a scalable application that can be later updated as the development grows. The software is designed to work on both android and Gear VR devices.


Client - Lustica
Agency - Signal / VR Resolutions
Studio - Munk Studios
Development - Grey Kernel



With rapidly evolving architectural designs over a terrain that is being completely reshaped and reformed, producing concept work for such large scale projects is a great challenge, especially in 360. The entire village and its surroundings had to be built in 3d and rendered from multiple angles. The images of warm and inviting scenes needed to capture the imaginations of potential buyers and offer more than just rooms and buildings, but a lifestyle choice.