Munk Studios

Mutual Respect


Mutual Respect - An anti-bullying workshop



Munk studios was commissioned to create engaging content for use in VR anti-bullying workshops.  The hour long session needed to be full of activities around one of the most difficult subjects to tackle in any school.  Using virtual reality, we had the students undivided attention, the difficult task was to keep them engaged and deliver an effective message that would stay with them after the workshop had finished.  


Client - Education Group
Studio - Munk Studios
Screenplay - Simon Fantauzzo
Producer -  Hester Ruoff
Director - Pryce Duncalf
Director of photography - Giles Bartlett
Sound engineer - Jules Crane
Casting -  Tom Newton
Acting agency - MNacademy



After many consultancy sessions with specialists from the charity ‘Bullying Intervention Group’, we developed an approach that was much more than a victim support film. We decided to focus the entire structure of the workshop on the group dynamics of bullying, how it arises and how it affects not only the victim, but the bully, the bullies followers and everyone around them.

We accomplished this by producing a short film in 360 and using the VR headsets to put the children in the same room as a typically hostile bullying situation.  After watching film, pupils are invited to discuss the situation and then re-enter the VR simulation to interrogate and ask the characters questions.  

This workshop is currently being used in schools worldwide and is an experience that will stay with the kids forever.