Munk Studios

Save you


Turin Brakes - Save You



An experimental music video created with limited time and budget, using Kinect technology as a motion capture device. We filmed the band and generated a 3D mesh around them to allow us to trail particles and add paint effects, creating a dream-like and haunting look in keeping with the contemplative mood of the track.


Watch 'Save you' below


Client - Cooking Vinyl
Animation Studio - Munk studios
Creative direction - Pryce Duncalf
Animation - Pryce Duncalf, Giles Bartlett, Steve Turner
DOP - Giles Bartlett
Pilot - Steve Turner
Studio assistant - Steve Turner, Gilles Capra, Stephen Rees, Mesrop Paridjanian
Band - Oliver Knights, Gale Paridjanian, Rob Allum, Eddie Myer



This music video was a long time in the making. With limited budget and time, we pulled together an elite team of volunteers who were crucial to delivering this video on schedule.  Using Kinect technology as a motion capture device, we filmed the band in 3D to create a 3d mesh and emitted particles from them.  We also used additional plugins to create the painterly effect.  A fully experimental film exploring the possibilities of current technology.